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Meadowlands | Showtime (Finalizada 2007)

Status: Série Finalizada (2007-2007) (Download)
Gênero: Drama
Tema: Familia


Cape Wrath (Meadowlands in the United States) is a British drama television series produced by Ecosse Films[1][2] which focuses on a family trying to escape its past while confronting an even more uncertain future. The series opens with Danny (David Morrissey) and Evelyn Brogan (Lucy Cohu) along with their two teenage children Zoe (Felicity Jones) and Mark (Harry Treadaway) entering a witness protection programme, moving to a bucolic neighbourhood, Meadowlands, to begin a new life. Picturesque and crime-free, Meadowlands appears to be a suburban paradise where the Brogan family can start a new life. But they soon realise that it is not so easy to escape the past and their safe haven becomes a world of paranoia and psychological intrigue with surprises around every corner.

The series is produced by Ecosse Films for Channel 4 in the UK and Showtime in the US, and premièred in the United States on 17 June 2007 at 22:00 EST, on Showtime. The United Kingdom première was on 10 July 2007 at 22:00 BST on Channel 4.

Meadowlands itself is actually two locations: the titles, overhead "establishing shots" and the main characters homes were filmed at The Lakes[3], a new housing development next to Leybourne Lakes Country Park near New Hythe in Kent, south east England. Samantha Campbell’s "headquarters" as well as the doctor’s surgery were filmed in a warehouse close to Maidstone Studios., The post production was carried out in London at St Anne’s post production house.

After each episode airs on Showtime, the background of a character’s life before they moved to Meadowlands (including their real name) is revealed on the show’s official website. After low ratings Channel 4 confirmed that a second series would not be commissioned.

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Episódios & Temporadas

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 Meadowlands 1 Temporada 1 Temporada

# Episode Arquivos Legendas
1×08 Play Episode 108 RMVB DivX PT EN
1×07 Play Episode 107 RMVB DivX PT EN
1×06 Play Episode 106 RMVB DivX PT EN
1×05 Play Episode 105 RMVB DivX PT EN
1×04 Play Episode 104 RMVB DivX PT EN
1×03 Play Episode 103 RMVB DivX PT EN
1×02 Play Episode 102 RMVB DivX PT EN
1×01 Play Episode 101 RMVB DivX PT EN
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