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Spin City | ABC (Ended 2002)

Status: Série Finalizada (1996-2002) (Download)
Gênero: Comédia
Tema: Sitcom

Spin City Spin City

Enredo: Spin City é uma sitcom estadunidense, criado por Gary David Goldberg e Bill Lawrence. A série foi exibida originalmente de 1996 a 2002 no rede de televisão ABC.

Michael J. Fox é Mike Flaherty, chefe do departameto de imprensa da prefeitura de Nova York, cujo principal objetivo é liderar sua equipe e evitar que o desajeitado e bobalhão prefeito Charlie Crawford cometa insanidades diante do eleitorado.(mais)

Spin City is an American sitcom television series that ran from 1996 to 2002 on ABC. Created by Gary David Goldberg and Bill Lawrence, the show was based on a fictional local government running New York City, and originally starred Michael J. Fox as Mike Flaherty, the Deputy Mayor of New York. The show was cancelled in 2002 due to low ratings from the 2001–2002 season and a change in target demographics.

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image231433_thumb322 1 Temporada Completa

Spin City

Michael Flaherty (Michael J. Fox) and his City Hall team grapple with a garbage strike and a political gaffe by the Mayor who accidentally insults gay people. Mike’s girlfriend Ashley (Carla Gugino) questions Mike’s commitment to their relationship when he is nervous about moving in together.
Mike is named Sexiest Man in New York by Manhattan magazine and the staff must deal with Mayor Winston’s problematic wife during an important dinner.

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image231433_thumb322 2 Temporada Completa

Spin City Mike is attracted to his opponent, Mayor’s wife’s divorce lawyer, Laurie Parres (Paula Marshall). The press thinks that Paul has suffered a nervous breakdown, so Michael hires a psychiatrist to pronounce Paul sane, but Dr. Benjamin unexpectedly commits Paul to an institution. After announcing a crackdown on public access pornography, the Mayor is caught on tape, entering an x-rated video store. Mike and Nikki fight over who can spend time with Laurie. Stuart and James lust after Paul’s mom (Raquel Welch).Mike stalks Laurie, and meets her mother. Stuart changes the engine of James’ remote controlled boat. Mike tells Laurie he loves her, which left her speechless.

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image231433_thumb322 3 Temporada Completa

Spin City City Hall prepares for the mayor’s bid for re-election announcement. Carter adopts his family’s 19-year-old dog. And, Paul teaches Stacy how to get a sick day without being sick. Conan O’Brien guest stars.After Mike’s picture with model Heidi Klum is in the tabloids, people assume he’s dating her. Nikki reveals to Carter that she has a secret crush on Mike. The Mayor can’t stop laughing at inappropriate times. Mike must keep his relationship with Heidi Klum a secret. Paul creates an incident involving a fan and ashes.

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image231433_thumb322 4 Temporada Completa

Spin City Mike tries to remember what happened between him and Heidi Klum the night before. Mike also has to find a Senate campaign manager for the mayor. Guest stars: James Carville, Roger Clemens (First appearance: Caitlin Moore (Heather Locklear)) Caitlin makes her presence known around City Hall by firing James as the speech writer and taking over Paul’s office. The Mayor cheats at golf. Guest star: Nipsey Russell

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image231433_thumb322 5 Temporada Completa

Spin City Charlie Crawford spends his first day in office as New York City’s Deputy Mayor. The Mayor has trouble adjusting to office life without Mike. [First appearance of Charlie Crawford (Charlie Sheen)].The mayor’s dentist dies in the middle of a procedure. Carter and Stuart deal with a bike messenger who keeps stealing their parking spotThe media finds out that Charlie is taking a Spanish course, thanks to Caitlin’s meddling. Meanwhile Paul and the mayor decide that the office needs some more water cooler-talk. (First appearance of Angie)

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image231433_thumb322 6 Temporada Completa

Spin City The mayor begins a relationship with a judge (Farrah Fawcett) whose divorce is not finalized. Charlie’s confronts his feelings for Caitlin, but must take a backseat to an old flame who returns (Michael J. Fox).Wanting to impress his new girlfriend, the Mayor accidentally chops down a historic landmark. Charlie becomes involved with a woman (Denise Richards) who is a rival opponent’s Campaign Manager. (First Appearance: Tom Amandes as Wheeler)

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  1. nelia
    06/11/2010 às 8:25

    Charlie Sheen é muito lindo e mesmo hoje continua tendo a beleza de sempre, ele é maravilhoso, talentoso e super bonito, gostaria que ele soubesse disso,que tem muitos fãs torcendo para que tudo dê certo na vida dele, sempre que ele atua com o pai é maravilhoso.

  2. nelia
    18/12/2010 às 1:38

    Charlie Sheen é tão intenso em suas atuações, é por isso que ele é o ator mais caro da tv americana, além disso mesmo 40tão continua tão sexy quanto antes e lindo como sempre, e olha que eu sou casada e muito bem casada. hahahahahahah

  3. nelia(Nel)
    12/01/2011 às 0:24

    Concerteza eu sou, mesmo com todas as loucuras dele continua super talentoso, na verdade não acho loucura, se fosse uma pessos anônima não teria tanta repercussão, mais como ele é famoso, as pessoas criticam, poxa Charlie Sheen tem o direito e o dever de se divertir seja com quem for. Ele é super lindo.

  4. Carlos Eduardo
    08/04/2013 às 2:31

    Olá Amigo!
    Seria possível atualizar os links desta série?
    Obrigado e um abraço!

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